A case of cortical blindness due to cerebral isquemia during OPCAB surgery and later recovery

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To describe a case of cortical blindness caused by hypoxia during a bilateral lung transplant in a 19-year-old patient affected with cystic fibrosis and later recovery.


19-year old male diagnosed with cystic fibrosis is set to be operated of a bilateral lung transplant by OPCAB surgery. After the procedure the patient referred marked visual loss (hand movement). Slit lamp exploration was normal as well as funduscopy, OCT, IOP and pupillary reflexes, finding severe alterations in the visual fields performed.


The patient was diagnosed with bilateral occipital ischemia confirmed by MRI and caused by cerebral hypoxia during surgery. During the last 4 weeks visual acquity has improved to 0.2 (OD) and 0.4 (OS). Visual field results have also improved. As of today the patient evolution is still being followed.


The critical importance of reducing as much as possible the time of surgery when OPCAB techniques are performed and the possibility of clinical improvement patients may show after cortical isquemia.

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