The Leonardo Da Vinci Program in the ophthalmological formation of residents

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To present an EU sponsored program in the formation of residents in ophthalmology. With the introduction of the FEBO (federal board of education of ophthalmolgy) the formation of residents in ophthalmolgy in Europe has taken a big step towards equal standards. Nevertheless, differences still exist mostly due to differnt durations of residency programs, different priorities and different patient and disease spectrum in each country and each region oft he EU.


The Leonardo Da Vinci Program is designed as an educative program of lifelong learning and teaching. Three different groups can apply: 1. people during their formation 2. regular working people 3. persons working in the educational field Application can be performed online


Two persons were sent to United kingdom (UK) and Spain (ES), with different objectives Basic investigation: one subject was able to obtain an profound insight into basic investigation at Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, UK. As a result of his stay many international collaborations were founded. Clinical routine: The second person was able to obtain and insight into the clinical routine at the Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, ES. Especially surgery of pterigium and the keratits due to acaneamoeba were strong points in the clinical routine. As a result a vivid exchange between hospitals was established.


Regional differences concerning clinical routine and basic investgation in the EU will always exist due to different circumstances in different countries. Residents will profit in their personal and professional formation taking advantage oft he existing EU-scholarships and thus improving patient care on a European level.

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