Corneal graft imaging by anterior segment OCT during storage in eye banks

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Endothelial graft pre-cutting by eye banks, rather than by surgeons in the operating room, is ongoing worldwide. A reliable and rapid thickness measurement before, during and after cut is an important parameter to guide the cut and assess the final result. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) can perfectly provide these data but commercial anterior segment-OCT are not fully adapted for the assessment of ex vivo corneas, especially organ-cultured ones that are not usually stored in viewing chambers contrary to 4°C stored corneas. Aim: we developed a simple device to adapt AS-OCT designed for patients to image corneas placed in petri dishes


The device was developed for two AS-OCT (Heidelberg AS-slit lamp OCT and Tomey CASIA SS1000) and comprised only 3 pieces: 1/a mirror, held at 45 degrees, facing downwards, 2/the holder destined to receive the petri dish 3/the adaptor which was a plane that attaches the holder to the OCT head support. The petri dish containing the cornea was placed underneath the holder. The device was calibrated by comparing the measurements to those obtained holding the cornea vertical in front of the OCT in a ‘physiologic’ disposition


After calibration, thickness measurements using the device had a very good agreement (±10 μm) with measurements obtained without


This device allows to easily adapt AS-OCT designed for medical use to the routine of eye banks using organ-cultured corneas that are not stored in specific containers. Grant: ANSM 2012, EFS 2011

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