Assessment of macular retinal thickness and volume in normal eyes and highly myopic eyes with spectral optical coherence tomography

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To compare the macular retinal thickness and macular volume between subjects with high myopia and non-myopia


A prospective comparative study recruited highly myopic eyes with no posterior abnormalities (spherical equivalence (SE) over -6 dioptres (D) or AXL>or=26.5 mm) and subjects with non-myopia (SE between 1.5D and -1.5 D). Macular retinal thickness and volume thickness at the fovea 1.5 mm superiorly, inferiorly, nasally, and temporally were measured with spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (TOPCON SD 2000).


One hundred and twelve myopic eyes and 66 non-myopic eyes were included. The mean age of the high myopic group and non-myopia group was 34.28 and 28.5 years old, respectively. The mean refraction was -13.98 D in the high myopia group and -0.24 D in the non-myopia group. The high myopia group had significantly greater mean retinal thickness in the foveola 188.8 vs 155.2 microm, P<0.0001), and fovea 1 mm area (205.8 vs 181.4 microm, P=0.0088), than the non-myopia group. The mean retinal thickness in the inner and outer macular area of the high myopia group was significantly less than in the non-myopia group. In addition, the high myopia group had significantly smaller macular volume than the non-myopia group (P<0.0001).


The retinal thickness in high myopic eyes is thicker in the foveola and fovea, but thinner in the inner and the outer macular region. The retina of individuals with high myopia had smaller macular volume than those with non-myopia.

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