Biological lasers theory, vol.II vision holographic theory - Eye and vision

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The romanian book deals with the Biological Laser Theory BLT and its applications - the Vision Holographic Theory VHT. The book has about 465 pages, 7 chapters, and 151 figures (85 original figures), 15 tables. After introduction of the actual problems in ophthalmology, are presented: the purpose of the book - to verify some old theory about an up-down image on retina, to demonstrate by theoretical and experimental studies that human eye structure is a bifocal laser system with holographic system included, the bio luminescence is a biological laser phenomena, laser holographic biophotonic mechanism of the sight, and applications;


Theoretic method: a short history of the sight mechanism. Our old studies on characteristics of cell biological laser systems; the VHT hypothesis about eye and vision, the coherent transformation of light in bio luminescence, as laser phenomena; multidisciplinary arguments for laser-holographic structures and function hypothesis are from ophthalmology, lasers, holography, liquid crystals, electronics, biophotonic and bionics.As experimental method we present two original apparatus for human vision study acknowledged at EuroInvent Iaşi 2011, and CIGIG 2012.


Both apparatus proves the right position of holograms on retina, due to eye, not to brain. We describe some other holographic-biophotonic mechanism for biological (muscle contraction) and psychic processes (vision, memory, thinking, speech etc), and increasing the power and information along nervous system.


Important applications are in medicine teaching, physics and bionics. Keywords: eye, bioluminescence, bifocal laser system, holography, image, nervous system, biophotonic mechanism, biologic process, psychic process


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