Outcome of fornix-based versus limbal-based conjuctival flaps in trabeculectomy

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To compare the surgical outcomes and bleb morphology of limbal- based group with that of fornix-based group undergone trabeculectomy with mitomycin C (MMC).


50 eyes of 50 patients with trabeculectomy with MMC who were observed for 1 year were included in the study. A limbal-based conjunctival flap was used for 25 eyes of 25 patients and a fornix-based conjunctival flap for the other 25 eyes of 25 patients. We classified and compared the bleb morphology according to the Moorfield Bleb Grading Sistem after 1 year postoperatively, and evaluated intraocular pressure, success rates.


There was no significant difference in the IOP and success rate in two groups. The central bleb vascularity of the limbal-based group was stadistically lower than that of fornix-based group (1,69±0,56 : 2,08 ±0,69, p=0,042). The risk of cystic bleb formation was higher in the limbal-based group (34,2% : 14,6%, p = 0,047).


There was no difference between the groups in the IOP and cumulative succes rate, but fornix-based group was recommendable concerning the low risk of cystic bleb formation.

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