Structure function relationship: Specific index of ganglion cell complex assessment of 2 spectral domain OCT and standard automated perimetry

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To investigate structure function relationship between specifics parameters of structural damage analyzed by OCT RTVue100 (Optovue, Inc.) and CirrusHD-OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec) with functional parameters of standard automated perimetry (SAP).


143 open angle glaucoma and 43 control eyes were included. They underwent a macular grid exam with RTVue100, CirrusHD-OCT and 24°2 and 10°2 SAP (Humphrey SITA-standard). Specifics structural parameters analyzed were Global and Focal Loss Volume (GLV and FLV) with RTVue, average and minimum Ganglion Cell and Inner Plexiform Layer (GCIPL) thickness with CirrusHD-OCT. Functional parameters collected were MD, PSD and VFI for 24°2 SAP and MD and PSD for 10°2 SAP. A Student t-test was performed to compare parameters and a logistic regression to calculate Pearson coefficient (r) studying correlation between structural and functional parameters.


Glaucoma group had a significant functional (in 24°2 and 10°2 SAP) and structural impairment compared to control. Logistic regression analysis found a linear correlation between structural and functional parameters. The highest Pearson coefficient with OCT RTVue was between FLV and PSD in 24°2 SAP (r=0.72) and for CirrusHD-OCT between minimum GCIPL and PSD in 24°2 SAP (r=0.56).


This study objectives a strucutre function relationship between specifics focal structural indices (FLV and GCIPL-Min) assessed with these 2 SD-OCT and functional (PSD) parameters damage. It would be interesting to confirm this new approch of SFR with these specific structural parameters.

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