Bleb-related infection revisited: a literature review

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Bleb-related infection (BRI) is one of the serious complications of glaucoma filtering surgery. This literature review is aimed at the evaluation of recent studies related to BRI. The review presented and discussed risk factors, and clinical and laboratory diagnosis emphasizing advances in diagnostic techniques to detect and distinguish the disease as well as to initiate immediate intensive antibacterial treatment. Clinical features of recognized prognostic factors of visual outcome were also presented. The studies showed that the prognosis of blebitis is usually good, unless infection has progressed to endophthalmitis that would signify a poorer prognosis. Despite prompt and intensive treatment of patients with bleb-related endophthalmitis, the outcomes remain unsatisfactory especially with virulent organisms and low initial visual acuity. It has been recommended that early detection and treatment of risk factors and thorough patient education are indispensable in ensuring best prognosis in post-trabeculectomy patients.

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