Primary trabeculotomy compared to combined trabeculectomy–trabeculotomy in congenital glaucoma: 3-year study

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To compare the outcome of primary trabeculotomy with that of combined trabeculectomy–trabeculotomy (CTT) with mitomycin C (MMC) in children with congenital glaucoma.


This is a prospective comparative study, carried out on a cohort of 28 eyes (28 infants) with congenital glaucoma. Infants with proved congenital glaucoma [based on intra-ocular pressure (IOP), cup/disc (C/D ratio), corneal diameter and axial length measurements] were randomly allocated to either group A (trabeculotomy) or group B (CTT with MMC). Postoperatively, all patients were followed regularly for 3 years; for IOP and C/D evaluation. Criteria for successful outcome included resolution of corneal oedema, reversal of disc cupping, and IOP 18 mmHg or less.


Success rate in each group was 85.7% (p = 1.00). All preoperative parameters, including horizontal corneal diameter, axial length, IOP and C/D ratio, were not statistically significantly different between the two groups. Also, postoperative C/D ratio, IOP, IOP difference and percentage difference (compared to preoperative values), at different follow-up visits, were not statistically significantly different between both surgical techniques. Comparing preoperative to postoperative IOP and C/D ratio in each group was statistically significant.


Both primary trabeculotomy and CTT with MMC had similar outcomes, which could mean that trabeculotomy could be resorted to first.

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