A boy with coeliac disease and obesity

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Aim:To report the case of a 14-y-old boy with coeliac disease and obesity.Methods and results:A 14-y-old boy presented with episodic diarrhoea associated with eating spaghetti. His body mass index (BMI) at presentation was 37.2 kg/m2 (>99.9th centile). Both antigliadin and anti-endomysial antibodies were positive, and coeliac disease was diagnosed by jejunal biopsy. His diarrhoea ceased and the gliadin and endomysial antibodies disappeared after starting gluten-free diet. At 17 y, his BMI increased to 42.7 kg/m2 despite dietary support.Conclusion:Obesity in a child does not exclude the diagnosis of coeliac disease, especially if presenting with suggestive symptoms.

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