Delivery room management of extremely low birthweight infants shows marked geographical variations in Italy

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To evaluate any geographical variations in practice and adherence to international guidelines for early delivery room management of extremely low birthweight (ELBW) infants in the North, Centre and South of Italy.


A questionnaire was sent to all 107 directors of Italian level III centres between April and August 2012.


There was a 92% (n = 98) response rate. A polyethylene bag/wrap was used by 54 centres (55.1%), with the highest rate in Northern Italy (77.5%) and the lowest rate in Southern (37.7%) areas. In Northern regions, one centre (2.5%) said it used oxygen concentrations >40% to initiate positive pressure ventilation in ELBW infants. These proportions were higher in the Central (14.3%) and Southern (16.2%) areas. A T-piece device for positive pressure ventilation was more frequently available in the Northern (95%) units than in those in the Central (66.7%) and Southern (69.4%) regions. A median of 13% (IQR: 5%–30%) of ELBW infants received chest compressions at birth in Italy: 5%, 18% and 22% in Northern, Central and Southern units, respectively.


In Italy, delivery room management of ELBW infants showed marked geographical variations. Implementation of national training programmes could increase adherence to the guidelines and reduce such discordance.

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