Incorporation of Vpr into Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1
Effect of Polyanionic Compounds on Intracutaneous and Intravaginal Herpesvirus Infection in Mice
Humoral Responses to Linear Epitopes on the HIV-1 Envelope in Seropositive Volunteers After Vaccine Therapy with rgp 160
A Vaccinia-gp160-Based Vaccine But Not a gp160 Protein Vaccine Elicits Anti-gp160 Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in Some HIV-1 Seronegative Vaccinees
Anti-HIV Activity of the Combination of Didanosine and Hydroxyurea in HIV-1-Infected Individuals
Diagnosis of HIV-1 Infection with Whole Saliva by Detection of Antibody IgG to HIV-I with Ultrasensitive Enzyme Immunoassay Using Recombinant Reverse Transcriptase as Antigen
Treatment with Letrazuril of Refractory Cryptosporidial Diarrhea Complicating AIDS
Pharmacokinetics of Simultaneously Administered Zidovudine and Didanosine in HIV-Seropositive Male Patients
Photodynamic Therapy in AIDS-Related Cutaneous Kaposi's Sarcoma
Deregulation of the Sale and Possession of Syringes for HIV Prevention Among Injection Drug Users
Impact of Increased Legal Access to Needles and Syringes on Community Pharmacies' Needle and Syringe Sales—Connecticut, 1992–1993
Impact of Increased Legal Access to Needles and Syringes on Practices of Injecting-Drug Users and Police Officers—Connecticut, 1992–1993
HIV Infection and AIDS Risk Behaviors Among Injecting Drug Users Entering Methadone Treatment
Acquisition and Use of Needles and Syringes by Injecting Drug Users in Baltimore, Maryland
Sale and Exchange of Syringes
In Eastern Connecticut, IDUs Purchase Syringes from Pharmacies But Don't Carry Syringes