Heterogeneity of Spindle Cells in Kaposi's Sarcoma
An Autocrine Loop of HIV Type-1 Tat Protein Responsible for the Improved Survival/Proliferation Capacity of Permanently Tat-Transfected Cells and Required for Optimal HIV-1 LTR Transactivating Activity
Sequence Specificity in the Higher-Order Interaction of the Rev Protein of HIV-1 with its Target Sequence, the RRE
Evidence of Active Cytomegalovirus Infection in Clinically Stable HIV-Infected Individuals with CD4+ Lymphocyte Counts Below 100/μl of Blood
Natural Killer Cell Immunodeficiency in HIV Disease is Manifest by Profoundly Decreased Numbers of CD16 + CD56+ Cells and Expansion of a Population of CD16dim CD56- Cells with Low Lytic Activity
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Validity of the Karnofsky Performance Status in an HIV-Infected Sample
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Weight Loss Prior to Clinical AIDS as a Predictor of Survival
How Important Is Race/Ethnicity as an Indicator of Risk for Specific AIDS-Defining Conditions?
Brief Communication
Medical Eligibility, Comprehension of the Consent Process, and Retention of Injection Drug Users Recruited for an HIV Vaccine Trial
Whole-Body Hyperthermia
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Serum Selenium Predicts Outcome in HIV Infection