Mechanism of Anti-HIV Activity of Negatively Charged Albumins: Biomolecular Interaction with the HIV-1 Envelope Protein gp120
Soluble Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptors Inhibit Phorbol Myristate Acetate and Cytokine-Induced HIV-1 Expression Chronically Infected U1 Cells
Kinetics of Appearance of Neutralizing Antibodies in 12 Patients with Primary or Recent HIV-1 Infection and Relationship with Plasma and Cellular Viral Loads
Active Tuberculosis in HIV-Infected Injecting Drug Users from a Low-Rate Tuberculosis Area
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Combination Therapy with ZDV + DDI Versus ZDV + DDC in Patients with Progression of HIV-Infection Under Treatment with ZDV
Cesarean Deliveries and Maternal-Infant HIV Transmission: Results from a Prospective Study in South Africa
Risk Factors for HIV-1 Infection Among Women in the Arusha Region of Tanzania
Correlates of HIV-1 Seropositivity Among Young Men in Thailand
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Natural History of Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions in Women Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus
AIDS in Transfusion Recipients and Hemophiliacs in France and Other European Countries