Two Secondary Structures for the RRE of HIV-1?
Geographic Variation in the Management and Outcome of Patients with AIDS-related Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia
U.S. Hospital Care for HIV-Infected Persons and the Role of Public, Private, and Veterans Administration Hospitals
Should We Embrace New Drugs with Open Arms? Experience from a Community-Based, Open-Arm, Randomized Clinical Trial of Combination Antiretroviral Therapy in Advanced HIV Disease
The Association Between Youth, Women, and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Interpreting HIV Seroprevalence Data from Pregnant Women
Measuring Vaccine Efficacy for Both Susceptibility to Infection and Reduction in Infectiousness for Prophylactic HIV-1 Vaccines
Virologic and Serologic Markers of Rapid Progression to AIDS After HIV-1 Seroconversion
Occasional Condom Use and HIV Risk Reduction
Chemically Modified Bovine β-Lactoglobulin Blocks Uptake of HIV-1 by Colon- and Cervix-Derived Epithelial Cell Lines
Hydroxyurea Treatment in HIV-Infected Patients
Occurrence of Lymphomas during ddC or ddC/Zidovudine Combination Therapy in Persons Infected with HIV Type 1
Immunologic Effects of Psychotropic Drugs in HIV+ Patients
Primary Gastric Lymphoma in an HIV-Infected Patient
Presence of HIV-1 Subtypes B and F and HTLV-I in HIV/HTLV Coinfected Individuals of Martinique
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