Binding Analysis of 95 HIV gp120 Peptides to HLA-DR1101 and -DR0401 Evidenced Many HLA-Class II Binding Regions on gp120 and Suggested Several Promiscuous Regions
Complement Activation by HIV-1–Infected Cells
Anti-HIV-1 Activity of Inorganic Polyphosphates
Longitudinal Changes in Body Composition Measured with a Variety of Methods in Patients with AIDS
Quantitative Alterations of the Functionally Distinct Subsets of CD4 and CD8 T Lymphocytes in Asymptomatic HIV Infection
HIV-1 Drug Susceptibilities and Reverse Transcriptase Mutations in Patients Receiving Combination Therapy with Didanosine and Delavirdine
Reduction in the Risk of Vertical Transmission of HIV-1 Associated with Treatment of Pregnant Women with Orally Administered Zidovudine Alone
Cross-Sectional Studies in AIDS Pathogenesis
CD8+, CD38+ Lymphocyte Percent
HIV and Reproductive Tract Infections in a Total Village Population in Rural Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Multiple Condom Use and Decreased Condom Breakage and Slippage in Thailand
HIV Counseling and Testing of Pregnant Women and Women of Childbearing Age by Primary Care Providers
Detection of Low HIV-1 RNA Levels in Plasma
Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies Directed Against the HTLV-I Protease Recognize Epitopes Internal To the Dimer
Detection of Adenovirus DNA by Polymerase Chain Reaction in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes from HIV-Infected Patients and a Control Group
8th International Conference of Human Retrovirology