Characterization of Proviral DNA From an Individual With Long-Term, Nonprogressive Infection With HIV-1 and Nonrecoverable Virus
T-Cell Response to HIV in Natural Infection
CD80 Expression on Monocytes in HIV-Infected Patients
Effect of Therapeutic Immunization With Recombinant gp160 HIV-1 Vaccine on HIV-1 Proviral DNA and Plasma RNA
Prophylaxis for Disseminated Mycobacterium avium Complex(MAC) Infection in Patients With AIDS
A Comparative Trial of Zidovudine Administered Every Four Versus Every Twelve Hours for the Treatment of Advanced HIV Disease
A Multisite Study of Sexual Orientation and Injection Drug Use as Predictors of HIV Serostatus in Out-of-Treatment Male Drug Users
Molecular Epidemiology of HIV in Israel
The Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-1 Among Male Sex Workers in Northern Thailand
HIV Viral Load and CD4+ Lymphocyte Counts in Subjects Coinfected With HTLV-I and HIV-1
Home Collection Kits for HIV Testing
Reexamination of Intergenerational Linkage of HIV Infection
Coinfection of GB Virus C With HIV-1 in Japan
HTLV-I and -II Infections in a Nationwide Survey of Pregnant Women in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa
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