Activation of Latent HIV-1 by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Its Purified Protein Derivative in Alveolar Macrophages From HIV-Infected Individuals in Vitro
Progressive Encephalopathy Associated with CD4/CD8 Inversion in Adult FIV-Infected Cats
Clinical Manifestations and Predictors of Survival in Older Women Infected With HIV
Predictors of Survival in HIV-Infected Persons With 50 or Fewer CD4 Cells/mm3
Application of an Expert System in the Management of HIV-Infected Patients
Survival After AIDS Diagnosis in a Cohort of Hemophilia Patients
High Risk of HIV-Related Mortality Is Associated With Selenium Deficiency
HIV-1 Risk and Vaccine Acceptability in the Ugandan Military
Prevalence and Risk Factors for HTLV-II Infection in 913 Injecting Drug Users in Stockholm, 1994
Decreased Survival of HTLV-I Carriers in Leprosy Patients From the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Historical Prospective Study
Modified Amplicor HIV-1 Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay in Thailand
Thalidomide Use Is Associated With Weight Gain in HIV-1-Positive Clients
HIV-1 Encodes a Sequence Overlappingenv gp41 With Highly Significant Similarity to Selenium-Dependent Glutathione Peroxidases
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