Effect of Natural HIV-1 Envelope V1-V2 Sequence Diversity on the Binding of V3-Specific and Non-V3-Specific Antibodies
Rapid and Selective Depletion of CD4+ T Lymphocytes and Preferential Loss of Memory Cells on Interaction of Mononuclear Cells With HIV-1 Glycoprotein-Expressing Cells
Elevated CD38 Antigen Expression on CD8+ T Cells Is a Stronger Marker for the Risk of Chronic HIV Disease Progression to AIDS and Death in the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study Than CD4+ Cell Count, Soluble Immune Activation Markers, or Combinations of HLA-DR and CD38 Expression
Prognostic Value of Serum HIV-RNA Levels at Virologic Steady State After Seroconversion: Relation to CD4 Cell Count and Clinical Course of Primary Infection
Itraconazole Maintenance Treatment for Histoplasmosis in AIDS: A Prospective, Multicenter Trial
Assessment of the Changing Willingness to Participate in Phase III HIV Vaccine Trials Among Men Who Have Sex With Men
Estimating the Number of AIDS-Defining Opportunistic Illness Diagnoses From Data Collected Under the 1993 AIDS Surveillance Definition
Redefining the Growth of the Heterosexual HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Chicago
Strategies for Universalistic and Targeted HIV Prevention