Part 1 Database Presentations
The Amsterdam Cohort Studies on HIV Infection and AIDS
Studies of Antiretroviral Therapy in the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study
Determinants of Progression to AIDS in HIV-Infected Individuals: An Update from the Italian Seroconversion Study
The HIV Epidemiology Research Study, HIV Out-Patient Study, and the Spectrum of Disease Studies
The AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta Database
The Western Australian HIV Cohort Study, Perth, Australia
Research Potentials and Pitfalls in the Use of an HIV Clinical Database: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
The Albion Street Centre Database, Sydney, Australia
Understanding the Clinical and Economic Outcomes of HIV Therapy: The Johns Hopkins HIV Clinical Practice Cohort
Part 2 Discussion Sessions
Session A: Natural History of HIV Disease and Predictors of Clinical Outcome
Session B: The Role of Patient Databases in Assessing Antiretroviral Treatment
Session C: The Role of Patient Databases in Assessing Treatment Safety
Conclusion: The Way Forward