Interaction of Anti-HIV Protease Inhibitors With the Multidrug Transporter P-Glycoprotein (P-gp) in Human Cultured Cells
Development of an Animal Model for Autotransfusion Therapy: In Vitro Characterization and Analysis of Anti-CD3/CD28 Expanded Cells
HIV-1-Induced Perturbations of Glycosphingolipid Metabolism Are Cell-Specific and Can Be Detected at Early Stages of HIV-1 Infection
Analysis of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Gene Mutations in Infected Children Treated With Zidovudine
Correlation Among Total Lymphocyte Count, Absolute CD4+ Count, and CD4+ Percentage in a Group of HIV-1-Infected South African Patients
Provider Attitudes Regarding Participation of Women and Persons of Color in AIDS Clinical Trials
Body Mass Index Course in Asymptomatic HIV-Infected Homosexual Men and the Predictive Value of a Decrease of Body Mass Index for Progression to AIDS
High Prevalence of Insomnia in an Outpatient Population With HIV Infection
Geographic Differences in Noninjection and Injection Substance Use Among HIV-Seropositive Men Who Have Sex With Men: Western United States Versus Other Regions
Temporal Trends in HIV Risk Behaviors of Out-of-Treatment Injection Drug Users and Injection Drug Users Who Smoke Crack
HIV Seropositivity Rates in Outreach-Based Counseling and Testing Services: Program Evaluation
Infection With HIV-1 Subtypes B and E in Injecting Drug Users Screened for Enrollment Into a Prospective Cohort in Bangkok, Thailand
HIV Prevalence in Pregnant Women in Europe: Differences in Assessment Methods and Prevalence Levels Across Countries
Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Including a Protease Inhibitor Eliminated the Transfusion Requirements of HIV-Infected Individuals With Anemia of Chronic Disease
Body Shape Changes in HIV-Infected Patients
Introduction of HIV-1 Subtype A in the French West Indies
Molecular and Epidemiologic Evidence for the Discontinuous Introduction of Subtypes B and F Into Rio de Janeiro, Brazil