Policy Implications of the AIDS Deficit
Therapy May Explain Recent Deficits in AIDS Incidence
Sex, Drugs, and HIV Infection in a New York City Hospital Outpatient Population
Humoral Response to SIV/SMM Infection in Macaque and Mangabey Monkeys
HIV-1, Sexual Practices, and Contact with Foreigners in Homosexual Men in Colombia, South America
Indwelling Central Venous Catheter Infections in Patients with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Establishment of a Bioassay to Determine Serum Levels of Dextran Sulfate and Pentosan Polysulfate, Two Potent Inhibitors of Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Antibodies to Recombinant HIV- 1 nef Protein Detected in HIV-1 Infection as Well as in Nonrisk Individuals
Infection of Human Thymic Lymphocytes by HIV - 1
Effect of Oral Dextran Sulfate on the Mouse Intestinal Tract
Heat-Labile, Complement-Like Factor(s) of Animal Sera Prevent(s) HIV-1 Infectivity in Vitro
Constitutive Expression of HIV-1 tat Protein in Human Jurkat T Cells Using a BK Virus Vector
Mechanism of Disease Induction by HIV
Progress in Vaccine Development Against SIV and HIV
Structure and Regulation of the Human AIDS Virus
The Global Epidemiology of HIV Infection : Continuity, Heterogeneity, and Change
Epidemiology and Prevention of AIDS Among Intravenous Drug Users
The Significance of Sexual Partner Contact Networks for the Transmission Dynamics of HIV
Obstacles to the Optimal Management of HIV Infection/AIDS in Africa
Global AIDS into the 1990s
Issues Involving Women, Children, and AIDS Primarily in the Developed World
Humanity, The Measure of an Ethics for AIDS
Number of Patients Treated with Zidovudine in the Limited Distribution System, March-September, 1987