HIV Infection in Pregnancy
HIV Infection in Children
Limitations in the Laboratory Diagnosis of Vertically Acquired HIV Infection
Childhood Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
Comparison of HIV Detection by Virus Isolation in Lymphocyte Cultures and Molecular Amplification of HIV DNA and RNA by PCR in Offspring of Seropositive Mothers
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Survival Differences in Patients with AIDS
Variation of HIV Infectibility of Macrophages as a Function of Donor, Stage of Differentiation, and Site of Origin
Contribution of Antibody Response to Recombinant HIV-1 Gene-Encoded Products nef, rev, tat, and Protease in Predicting Development of AIDS in HIV-1-Infected Individuals
The NFkB Independent cis-Acting Sequences in HIV-1 LTR Responsive to T-Cell Activation
Plasma Adenosine Deaminase2
Detection of Salivary HIV-1-Specific IgG Antibodies in High-Risk Populations in Zaire
Immunologic Parameters in Early-Stage HIV-Seropositive Subjects Associated with Vaccine Responsiveness
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Presence of SIV Antibodies in the Sera of Infants Born to SIV-Seronegative Monkeys
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