In Vitro Maturation of Mononuclear Phagocytes and Susceptibility to HIV-1 Infection
Transepithelial Transport of HIV-1 by Intestinal M Cells
HIV-1 Proviral Copy Number in Blood Mononuclear Cells from AIDS Patients on Zidovudine Therapy
Predictive Value of CD4 Lymphocyte Numbers for the Development of Opportunistic Infections and Malignancies in HIV-Infected Persons
CSF Changes in a Longitudinal Study of 124 Neurologically Normal HIV-1-Infected U.S. Air Force Personnel
Norepinephrine Response in Early HIV Infection
Results of a One Year Longitudinal Study of HIV Antibody Test Notification from the San Francisco General Hospital Cohort
Modeling Zidovudine Therapy
Transfusion-Associated AIDS Cases in Europe
Influence of Host Genotype on Progression to AIDS Among HIV-Infected Men
An Evaluation of the Polymerase Chain Reaction in HIV-1 Seronegative Men
Viral Burden in HIV Disease
An Update on Kaposi's Sarcoma Reporting in San Francisco
HIV-Associated Wasting
Patterns of Secondary Prophylaxis with Aerosol Pentamidine Among Persons with AIDS
Inactivation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) by Low pH and Pepsin
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