Decreased Expression of the Memory Marker CD26 on Both CD4+ and CD8+ T Lymphocytes of HIV-Infected Subjects
AIDS-Associated Encephalopathy with Experimental Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
Human Kupffer Cells Infected with HIV-1 In Vivo
Pentoxifylline Inhibits HIV-1 LTR-Driven Gene Expression by Blocking NF-κB Action
Pentoxifylline Decreases Tumor Necrosis Factor Expression and Serum Triglycerides in People With AIDS
Psychological Effects of Participation and Nonparticipation in a Placebo-Controlled Zidovudine Clinical Trial with Asymptomatic Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Individuals
Histoplasmosis in the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
CD4 Lymphocytopenia Among Injecting Drug Users in New York City
Variability of Reporting and Lack of Adherence to Consensus Guidelines in Human T-Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping Reports
The Effects of Intravenous Drug Use and Gender on the Cost of Hospitalization for Patients with AIDS
The Risk of Tropical Spastic Paraparesis Differs According to Ethnic Group Among HTLV-I Carriers in Inongo, Zaire
No Change in Incidence and Prevalence of HIV Among Intravenous Drug Users in Copenhagen from 1985 to 1990
Cutaneous Nocardiosis Caused by Nocardia nova Occurring in an HIV-Infected Individual
Presence of Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Types I and II and Coinfection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Different Groups at Risk in Argentina
Zidovudine Treatment and Virus Excretion in the Cervicovaginal Secretions of HIV-Infected Women
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