Nucleotide Binding by the HIV-1 Integrase Protein In Vitro
A Rapid and Reliable Assay to Enumerate CD4+ T Lymphocytes in Whole Blood
Effects of vif Mutations on Cell-Free Infectivity and Replication of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
Antiretroviral Therapy Is Associated with a Decrease in Unintegrated HIV-1 DNA in Pediatric Patients
Thrush and Fever As Measures of Immunocompetence in HIV-1-Infected Men
Health Care Delivery, Zidovudine Use, and Survival of Women and Men with AIDS
Resistance to HIV-1 Infection
Incidence of HIV-1 Infection Among Young Men in Thailand
Trends in Risk Behavior and HIV Seroprevalence in Heterosexual Injection Drug Users in San Francisco, 1986–1992
Seroprevalence of HIV-1 and Syphilis Antibodies in Blood Donors in Gonder, Ethiopia, 1989–1993
Autoantibodies to Nucleosomes in HIV-1-Infected Patients
Absence of GVH Diseases in AIDS
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HTLV-I-Associated Myelopathy in Venezuela
Changes in HIV Risk Behavior Among French Heterosexuals : Patterns of Sexual Monogamy and Condom Use Between 1988 and 1991
Improved Detection of HTLV-II Antibody Using a Whole Viral Lysate-Based EIA
T Lymphocyte Homeostasis After HIV Seroconversion
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