Color Doppler Ultrasonography Findings of Bladder Tumors: Correlation with Stage and Histopathologic Grade

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To describe color Doppler ultrasonography findings of bladder tumors and to investigate the correlation between these findings with stage and histopathological grade.

Material and Methods

Twenty-four patients with bladder tumors were assessed with color Doppler ultrasonography for tumor size, presence of vascularity, vascular pattern, and spectral properties. All patients underwent surgery. Stage and histopathological grades of tumors were determined and compared with color Doppler ultrasonography findings.


Presence of vascularity was related to tumor size (P<0.05) and color Doppler signal was detected when tumors reached 24 mm in size. There was no statistically significant relationship between tumor stage and histopathological grade with tumor size, presence and pattern of vascularity, and spectral color Doppler ultrasonography findings (P>0.05).


The evaluation of vascularity in bladder tumors by color Doppler ultrasonography is not helpful in predicting tumor stage and histopathological grade before surgery.

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