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Fitness Focus: Copy-and-Share : Improving JOURNAL/acsms/04.02/00135124-200509000-00004/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-07-29T053957Z/r/image-png O2max
You Asked for It : Question Authority
Aligning Mind and Body : Exploring the Disciplines of Mindful Exercise
Bulking Up : Helping Clients Gain Weight Healthfully
Cortisol Connection : Tips on Managing Stress and Weight
Eye on the Future : Looking Back to Look Forward Again
A Nutritionist's View : Feeding the Active Female: Part II
The Legal Aspects : Legal Liability Associated with Instruction
The Business Side : A Business of One
Worksite Health Promotion : The Four Faces of Measurement
Continuing Education Self-Test : Credits Provided by American College of Sports Medicine
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Take Ten: Take-and-Save : 10 Nice-To-Know- Facts About Automatic External Defibrillators