Alcohol abuse and postoperative complications
Intensive care unit stay is prolonged in chronic alcoholic men following tumor resection of the upper digestive tract
Reduction of ischemia-reperfusion syndrome after abdominal aortic aneurysmectomy by N-acetylcysteine but not mannitol1,2
Isovolaemic haemodilution with hydroxyethylstarch has no effect on somatosensory evoked potentials in healthy volunteers
Renal function during intravenous infusion of urological irrigating fluids in the sheep
High-frequency oscillatory ventilation combined with intermittent mandatory ventilation in critically ill neonates and infants
Aspiration in transtracheal jet ventilation
Deformed spinal needle tips and associated dural perforations examined by scanning electron microscopy
Continuous thoracic epidural analgesia versus combined spinal/thoracic epidural analgesia on pain, pulmonary function and the metabolic response following colonic resection
Intravenous ketoprofen for pain relief after total hip or knee replacement
Introducing epidural fentanyl for on-ward pain relief after major surgery
Dural puncture: the patients' perspective
Preoperative application of piroxicam gel compared to a local anaesthetic field block for postoperative analgesia
Response to double-burst appears before response to train-of-four stimulation during recovery from non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockade
Local anaesthesia and propofol-fentanyl sedation for carotid artery surgery
Propofol reduces emesis after sufentanil supplemented anaesthesia in paediatric squint surgery
Age-dependent development of acute tolerance to propofol and its distribution in a pharmacokinetic compartment-independent rat model
Serum protein binding of propofol in patients with renal failure or hepatic cirrhosis
The efficacy of clonidine for reducing perioperative haemodynamic changes and volatile anaesthetic requirements in children
The effect of topical lignocaine on intubating conditions after propofol-alfentanil induction
Nebulized tetracaine attenuates the hemodynamic response to tracheal intubation
Respiratory compliance during orthotopic liver transplantation
Use of the Univent System tube® for difficult intubation and for achieving one-lung anaesthesia
Epidural injection of potassium hydrochloride
The laryngeal mask in ophthalmic surgery
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