Opioids in pain management
The place of alpha-2-agonists in anaesthesiology of today
Analgesia following arthroscopy - a comparison of intra-articular morphine, pethidine and fentanyl
Long-term intrathecal infusion of morphine in the home care of patients with advanced cancer
Epidural analgesia following upper abdominal surgery
Scintigraphic visualization of intrathecal liposome biodistribution
Prevention of hypertension during trans-sphenoidal surgery - the effect of bilateral maxillary nerve block with local anaesthetics
Hemodynamic, sympathetic and angiotensin II responses to PEEP ventilation before and during administration of isoflurane
Sequestration of vecuronium bromide during extremity surgery involving use of a pneumatic tourniquet
Effects of volatile anesthetics on the calcium ionophore A23187-mediated alterations in hepatic flow and metabolism in the perfused liver in fasted rats
Hyperosmotic-hyperoncotic solutions during abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) resection
A comparison of pressure- and volume-controlled ventilation at different inspiratory to expiratory ratios*
Intravenous vitamin K1 prior to orthotopic heart transplantation
Anesthesia of a patient with an obstructing tracheal mass
Interaction of non-depolarizing muscular relaxants is potentially useful
Aspiration of venous air embolism
Antinociceptive effects of adenosine infusion in man. Assessments in experimentally induced pain and in surgery
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