Testing for MH susceptibility
In vitro contracture test for diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia following the protocol of the European MH Group: Results of testing patients surviving fulminant MH and unrelated low-risk subjects
4-chloro-m-cresol test - a possible supplementary test for diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia susceptibility
Does propofol reduce vomiting after strabismus surgery in children?
Incidence of awareness in total i.v. anaesthesia based on propofol, alfentanil and neuromuscular blockade
Intubating conditions provided by propofol and alfentanil - acceptable, but not ideal
Recovery characteristics of sevoflurane- or propofol-based anaesthesia for day-care surgery
Impact of autotransfusion after coronary artery bypass grafting on oxygen transport
Cerebral normoxia in the rhesus monkey during isoflurane- or propofol-induced hypotension and hypocapnia, despite disparate blood-flow patterns: A positron emission tomography study
Nasal mucosa inflammation induced by oxygen administration in humans
Survey of postoperative analgesia following ambulatory surgery
Perioperative magnesium infusion and postoperative pain
Preoperative hypnosis reduces postoperative vomiting after surgery of the breasts: A prospective, randomized and blinded study
Neurohistopathological findings after continuous intrathecal administration of morphine or a morphine/bupivacaine mixture in cancer pain patients
Topographical analysis of the EEG effects of a subconvulsive dose of lidocaine in healthy volunteers
Intravenous versus intraperitoneal morphine before surgery to provide postoperative pain relief
Suppression of acetylcholine-induced relaxation by local anesthetics and vascular NO-cyclic GMP system
Analgesia after upper abdominal surgery using extradural administration of a fixed dose of buprenorphine in combination with lignocaine given at two infusion rates: A comparative study
Can training improve the results with infrared tympanic thermometers?
Anaphylactic shock following intravenous administration of lignocaine
Two cases of fatal air embolism in children undergoing scoliosis surgery
Retardation of pain development: a case of recovery from congenital insensitivity to pain
Management of the difficult airway: A case of failed fiberoptic intubation
A rare case of a somatosensory evoked potentials recording during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy and the role of active exercise
Intra-articular tenoxicam and postoperative pain
Intra-articular tenoxicam and postoperative pain: Reply
Rabbit epidural model
Rabbit epidural model: Reply
Opioids in the management of pain during delivery
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