Shame on the American Medical Association
Axillary brachial plexus block with ropivacaine 7.5 mg/ml
Ropivacaine in peribulbar block: a comparative study with bupivacaine
Combination of intra-articular tenoxicam, lidocaine, and pethidine for outpatient knee arthroscopy
Pneumoperitoneum in healthy humans does not affect central blood volume or cardiac output
Surveillance of antibiotic resistance in ICUs in southeastern Sweden
Modified natural and synthetically reconstituted surfactant therapies for acute lung injury caused by endotoxin in rats
Patients with poor preoperative ejection fraction have a higher plasma response of adrenomedullin in response to open heart surgery
Factors predicting atracurium reversal time
Is total body weight an appropriate predictor for propofol maintenance dose?
Permissive hypercapnia during thoracic anaesthesia
Hepatolobectomy-induced depression of hepatic circulation and metabolism in the dog is counteracted by isoflurane, but not by halothane
Plasma paracetamol concentrations and pharmacokinetics following rectal administration in neonates and young infants
Vasopressin and angiotensin II in blood pressure control during isoflurane anesthesia in rats
Possible venous argon gas embolism complicating argon gas enhanced coagulation during liver surgery
Does use of propofol in heavy alcohol drinkers tend to discolor their urine?
Convulsions and respiratory arrest in association with desmopressin administration for the treatment of a bleeding tonsil in a child with borderline haemophilia
Endotracheal intubation tube with reduced dead space (M-EIT): Preliminary study on dogs
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