New recommendations for uniform reporting of data following major trauma: "the Utstein style"
Release of brain-specific creatine kinase and neuron-specific enolase into cerebrospinal fluid after hypothermic and normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass in coronary artery surgery
The effect of sedation on weaning following coronary artery bypass grafting: propofol versus oxycodone-thiopental
Peroperative cardiovascular stability during brainstem surgery. The use of high-dose methylprednisolone compared to dexamethasone
Effect of PEEP and inhaled nitric oxide on pulmonary gas exchange during gaseous and partial liquid ventilation with small volumes of perfluorocarbon
Intermittent capnography during high-frequency jet ventilation for prolonged rigid bronchoscopy
The risk of cardiac injury during laparoscopic fundoplication: cardiac troponin I and ECG study
Milrinone therapy in catecholamine-dependent critically ill patients with heart failure
Low-dose dopexamine in patients undergoing hemihepatectomy: an evaluation of effects on reduction of hepatic dysfunction and ischaemic liver injury
Differential action of spasmolytic vasodilators on platelet aggregation and endothelial cell-dependent anti-aggregation
Does halothane or isoflurane affect hypoxic and post-hypoxic vascular response in rabbit aorta?
Effects of etomidate on free intracellular amino acid concentrations in polymorphonuclear leucocytes in vitro
A randomised study of lidocaine and prilocaine for spinal anaesthesia
A comparison of the hemodynamic effects of paracervical block and epidural anesthesia for labor analgesia
Ropivacaine-clonidine combination for caudal blockade in children
A catheter technique in ophthalmic regional anaesthesia
A catheter technique in ophthalmic regional anaesthesia
Comparison of hypotensive epidural anaesthesia and spinal anaesthesia on blood loss and coagulation during and after total hip arthroplasty
Tracheal intubation without the use of muscle relaxants: remifentanil or alfentanil in combination with propofol
Assessment of postoperative nausea using a visual analogue scale
Tubeless combined high-frequency jet ventilation for laryngotracheal laser surgery in paediatric anaesthesia
Evaluation of three risk scores to predict postoperative nausea and vomiting
Anaesthesia, recovery and postoperative nausea and vomiting after breast surgery. A comparison between desflurane, sevoflurane and isoflurane anaesthesia
The use of rocuronium for rapid sequence induction should be discouraged
Succinylcholine or rocuronium for rapid sequence induction
Interscalene block following shoulder surgery
Interscalene block following shoulder surgery
A new device preventing migration of epidural catheters
Postoperative analgesia with intramuscular bupivacaine wound irrigation in renal surgery
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