Prevention of post-herpetic neuralgia: Can it be achieved?
Future anesthesiologists will be as much outside as inside operating theaters
Prevention of post-herpetic neuralgia: acyclovir and prednisolone versus epidural local anesthetic and methylprednisolone
A comparison of three doses of sufentanil in combination with bupivacaine-adrenaline in continuous epidural analgesia during labour
The N-methyl-D-aspartate-receptor antagonist dextromethorphan lacks analgesic effect in a human experimental ischemic pain model
Effects of intraperitoneal lidocaine combined with intravenous or intraperitoneal tenoxicam on pain relief and bowel recovery after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Randomised, placebo-controlled study of the postoperative analgesic effects of ketoprofen after spinal fusion surgery
Onset and offset of intrathecal morphine versus nalbuphine for postoperative pain relief after total hip replacement
Cutaneous sympathetic vasoconstrictor reflexes for the evaluation of interscalene brachial plexus block
Effects of ketamine on formalin-induced activity in the spinal dorsal horn of spinal cord-transected cats: differences in response to intravenous ketamine administered before and after formalin
The effect of the obstetrician group and epidural analgesia on the risk for cesarean delivery in nulliparous women
Mechanisms behind and treatment of sudden, unexpected circulatory collapse during central neuraxis blockade
Helicopter emergency medical service in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - a 10-year population-based study
Elastic pressure-volume curves indicate derecruitment after a single deep expiration in anaesthetised and muscle-relaxed healthy man
Intraperitoneal tonometry for detection of regional enteric ischaemia
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia thrombosis after cardiac surgery. A case report
Total and prolonged filling of the lungs with Ringer's solution under extracorporeal lung assist (ECLA) in dogs
Light-guided intubation via the intubating laryngeal mask using a prototype illuminated flexible catheter
Use of an EEG-bispectral closed-loop delivery system for administering propofol
Effects of propofol on desipramine-sensitive [3H]-noradrenaline uptake kinetics in rat femoral artery
Chloroquine poisoning: report of two cases
Two cases of reiterated Horner's syndrome after lumbar epidural block
Epidural abscess after epidural catheter for pain release during pancreatitis
Sequence of nerve blockade in brachial plexus anaesthesia - safety before speed
A simple maneuver to facilitate the insertion of the tracheostomy cannula during percutaneous dilatation tracheostomy
Journal board members - US vs Europe
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