Meta-analysis - a valuable but easily misused tool
The influence of a dominating centre on a quantitative systematic review of granisetron for preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting
The systemic inflammatory response after cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass in children
Lack of agreement between thermodilution and carbon dioxide-rebreathing cardiac output
High incidence of pruritus after large doses of hydroxyethyl starch (HES) infusions
The pressure at the lower inflexion point has no relation to airway collapse in surfactant-treated premature lambs
Dynamic changes in cerebral oxygenation related to deep hypothermia and circulatory arrest evaluated by near-infrared spectroscopy
Heart-lung interactions during positive pressure ventilation: left ventricular pressure-volume momentary response to airway pressure elevation
Risk factors for nosocomial intensive care infection: a long-term prospective analysis
Studies on fluid extravasation related to induced hypothermia during cardiopulmonary bypass in piglets
Always flush the sampling port before flushing the arterial cannula in pediatric patients
Gentamicin dosing in critically ill patients
Effects of prilocaine and articaine on human leucocytes and reactive oxygen species in vitro
Frequency of haemoglobin desaturation with the use of succinylcholine during rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia
Postoperative reading speed does not indicate implicit memory in elderly cardiac patients after propofol and remifentanyl anaesthesia
Combination of droperidol and ondansetron reduces PONV after pediatric strabismus surgery more than single drug therapy
Comparison of two video-assisted techniques for the difficult intubation
Ultrasound control for presumed difficult epidural puncture
Posture-related distribution of hyperbaric bupivacaine in cerebro-spinal fluid is influenced by spinal needle characteristics
Effects of hypertonic 75 mg/ml (7.5%) saline on extracellular water volume when used for preloading before spinal anaesthesia
Postoperative analgesia by combined continuous infusion and patient-controlled epidural analgesia (PCEA) following hip replacement: ropivacaine versus bupivacaine
Caudal bupivacaine-tramadol combination for postoperative analgesia in pediatric herniorrhaphy
Effects of changes in frequency and inspiratory time on arterial oxygenation and CO2 elimination during high-frequency jet ventilation in a child with laryngotracheal papillomata
Hot chili, a cook and EMLA
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