The anaesthesiologist and chronic pain
Opioids in cancer and chronic non-cancer pain therapy - indications and controversies
Evaluation and assessment of cancer pain and cancer pain treatment
Outcome assessment in chronic non-cancer pain treatment
Symptom recognition in advanced cancer. A comparison of nursing records against patient self-rating
Pain in cancer and chronic non-cancer conditions: similarities and differences
Iatrogenic painful neuropathic complications of surgery in cancer
Psychological issues in cancer and non-cancer conditions
Nerve blocks in chronic pain therapy - are there any indications left?
Neurosurgical approaches to pain treatment
Somatization and chronic pain
Neuropathic pain: what do we do with all these theories?
Has basic research contributed to chronic pain treatment?
Pain and systematic reviews
Intraoperative epidural blockade prevents the increase in protein breakdown after abdominal surgery
Acute effects of angiotensin II on myocardial performance
Effect of expiratory resistance on gas-exchange and breathing pattern in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients being weaned from the ventilator
Procalcitonin following elective partial liver resection - origin from the liver?*
Losartan increases renal blood flow during isoflurane anesthesia in sheep
Hemodynamic and sympathetic effects of fenoldopam and sodium nitroprusside
Airway management behaviour, experience and knowledge among Danish anaesthesiologists - room for improvement
Algorithm for difficult intubation
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