Helicopter emergency medical service with specially trained physicians – does it make a difference?
Nasal administration of opioids for pain management in adults
Prehospital advanced life support provided by specially trained physicians
Paramedic helicopter emergency service in rural Finland – do benefits justify the cost?
When is an anesthesiologist needed in a helicopter emergency medical service in northern Norway?
Patients' experiences with multiple stimulation axillary block for fast-track ambulatory hand surgery
Epidural blood patch for management of postdural puncture headache in adolescents
Survey of epidural analgesia management in general intensive care units in England
Postoperative pain relief following intrathecal bupivacaine combined with intrathecal or oral clonidine
Effect of axillary brachial plexus blockade on baroreflex-induced skin vasomotor responses
No enhancement of sensory and motor blockade by ketamine added to ropivacaine interscalene brachial plexus blockade
Neurohistopathologic findings after a neurolytic celiac plexus block with alcohol in patients with pancreatic cancer pain
Effects of propofol on cerebral blood flow and the metabolic rate of oxygen in humans
Influence of non-volatile anesthetics on the migration behavior of the human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-468
3He-MRI-based vs. conventional determination of lung volumes in patients after unilateral lung transplantation
Pulmonary endothelial dysfunction after cardiopulmonary bypass in neonatal pigs
Nasal CPAP therapy
Interpretation of radial pulse contour during fentanyl/nitrous oxide anesthesia and mechanical ventilation
Lipid solubility- and concentration-dependent attenuation of in vitro natural killer cell cytotoxicity by local anesthetics
Auditory evoked potential monitoring with the AAI™-index during spinal surgery
Skin conductance correlates with perioperative stress
Quality assurance in anaesthetic practice
Impact factor bias and proposed adjustments for its determination
Severe ARDS may cause right heart failure with extreme hepatomegaly but without hepatic failure
Cardiac arrest after intravenous metoclopramide – a case of five repeated injections of metoclopramide causing five episodes of cardiac arrest
Tracheal esophageal combitube
Central pontine myelinolysis
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