End-of-life care in intensive care units Save lives that can be saved, offer the dying a peaceful and dignified death
Withdrawal of medical treatment in the ICU. A cohort study of 318 cases during 1994–2000
Resource use in the ICU
Combined effects of prone positioning and airway pressure release ventilation on gas exchange in patients with acute lung injury
Plasma cytokines do not reflect expression of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine mRNA at organ level after cardiopulmonary bypass in neonatal pigs
Circulatory effects of angiotensin II during anaesthesia, evaluated by real-time spectral analysis
Preload changes by positive pressure ventilation can be used for assessment of left ventricular systolic function
Warming of infusion syringes caused by electronic syringe pumps
Hemodynamic and oxygenation profiles in the early period after hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Effect of isoflurane on monocyte adhesion molecule expression in human whole blood
The effect of heat and moisture exchanger on humidity and body temperature in a low-flow anaesthesia system
Racemic ketamine does not abolish cerebrovascular autoregulation in the pig
Rocuronium and cisatracurium-positive skin tests in non-allergic volunteers
Rocuronium combined with i.v. lidocaine for rapid tracheal intubation
The vasoconstriction threshold is increased in obese patients during general anaesthesia
Electromyographic assessment of blink and corneal reflexes during midazolam administration
A randomised double-blind evaluation of adenosine as adjunct to sufentanil in spinal labour analgesia
Ketamine reduces swallowing-evoked pain after paediatric tonsillectomy
Prehospital management of diabetic emergencies – a population-based intervention study
Lactic acidosis following convulsions
A fatal case of malignant hyperthermia complicated by generalized compartment syndrome and rhabdomyolysis
Bronchial rupture with a left-sided polyvinylchloride double-lumen tube
Neck haematoma and airway obstruction in a patient with goitre
Anaesthetic complications associated with myotonia congenita
Catheter-related epidural abscesses – don't wait for neurological deficits
Whitacre spinal needle vs. Eldor spinal needle regarding the incidence of transient neurologic symptoms
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