Brain death
Effects of propofol on bronchoconstriction and bradycardia induced by vagal nerve stimulation
Seizure duration with remifentanil/methohexital vs. methohexital alone in middle-aged patients undergoing electroconvulsive therapy
Changes in onset time of rocuronium in patients pretreated with ephedrine and esmolol – the role of cardiac output
Acupuncture facilitates neuromuscular and oculomotor responses to skin incision with no influence on auditory evoked potentials under sevoflurane anaesthesia
Antinociception of intrathecal cholinesterase inhibitors and cholinergic receptors in rats
PCEA compared to continuous epidural infusion in an ultra-low-dose regimen for labor pain relief
Continuous epidural or intercostal analgesia following thoracotomy
Which administration route of fentanyl better enhances the spread of spinal anaesthesia
Intrathecal midazolam added to bupivacaine improves the duration and quality of spinal anaesthesia
Epinephrine added to a lumbar epidural infusion of a small-dose ropivacaine-fentanyl mixture after arterial bypass surgery of the lower extremities
Neither vasopressin nor amiodarone improve CPR outcome in an animal model of hypothermic cardiac arrest
Xenon incorporated in a lipid emulsion inhibits NMDA receptor channels
Regionally differentiated fibrinolytic responses during volume-resuscitated acute endotoxemia in pigs
Intensive care unit acquired infection
Pancuronium bromide, a non-depolarizing muscle relaxant which promotes apoptosis of blood lymphocytes in vitro
Experience with albumin dialysis in five patients with severe overdoses of paracetamol
Equivalence of hydroxyethyl starch HES 130/0.4 and HES 200/0.5 for perioperative volume replacement in major gynaecological surgery
Differences among forced-air warming systems with upper body blankets are small. A randomized trial for heat transfer in volunteers
Modest protection of early hydrocortisone treatment in a rat model of volume-controlled haemorrhage
Management of unexpected coronary artery spasm in an asymptomatic patient during anaesthesia
Does lidocaine provoke clinically significant vasospasm?
Unusual foreign body in the esophagus
Dorsal flexion of head and neck for rigid oesophagoscopy – a caution for hidden foreign bodies dropped into the epipharynx
Drugs of anesthesia, central nicotinic receptors and post-operative cognitive dysfunction
Drugs of anesthesia, central nicotinic receptors and post-operative cognitive dysfunction
Inhalation induction of anesthesia with sevoflurane for emergency Cesarean section in an amphetamine-intoxicated parturient without an intravenous access
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