Glucocorticoid regulation of the inflammatory response to injury
Arginine vasopressin and serum nitrite/nitrate concentrations in advanced vasodilatory shock
Effectiveness and efficiency of intensive care medicine
The use and safety of transoesophageal echocardiography in the general ICU – a minireview
Changes in cerebral oxygenation during cold (28°C) and warm (34°C) cardiopulmonary bypass using different blood gas strategies (alpha-stat and pH-stat) in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Pulmonary net release of tissue-type plasminogen activator during porcine primary and secondary acute lung injury
Pulmonary gas distribution during ventilation with different inspiratory flow patterns in experimental lung injury – a computed tomography study
Aminotransferases after experimental pneumoperitoneum in dogs
Early bioavailability of paracetamol after oral or intravenous administration
Can chronic poststernotomy pain after cardiac valve replacement be reduced using thoracic epidural analgesia?
Intrathecal morphine provides effective and safe analgesia in children after cardiac surgery
Is a double-injection technique superior to a single injection in posterior subgluteal sciatic nerve block?
Efficacy of the A-line™ AEP monitor as a tool for predicting successful insertion of a laryngeal mask during sevoflurane anesthesia
Nitrous oxide increases the incidence of bowel distension in patients undergoing elective colon resection
Anaesthesia in day case laparoscopic female sterilization
Effects of neuromuscular-blocking drugs in rats in vivo
Adrenaline administration during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Rapid reversal of global left ventricular dysfunction after accidental injection of 0.75 mg epinephrine in a 20-year-old patient
Subcutaneous emphysema following severe vomiting after emerging from general anesthesia
Anesthetic management for separation of craniopagus twins
Sequential combined spinal-epidural anesthesia for cesarean section in a woman with a double-outlet right ventricle
Airway management in a high-risk infant with multiple congenital anomalies and difficult airway
Decreasing the incidence of post-dural puncture headache
Anaesthetic management of unexpected subglottic stenosis in an achondroplasic dwarf
Two cases of atrioventricular junctional rhythm induced by administration of regional injection of epinephrine
Hearing loss following general anesthesia
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