Surviving Sepsis campaign – outcome of severe sepsis can be improved by revising procedural standards
Albumin has no benefit over saline in the critically ill
Effect of preoperative Cox-II-selective NSAIDs (coxibs) on postoperative outcomes
Effects on intracranial pressure of dural puncture in supine AND head-elevated positions. A study on the cat
Mechanisms behind postspinal headache and brain stem compression following lumbar dural puncture – a physiological approach
Oxygen extraction in pigs subjected to low-dose infusion of endotoxin after major abdominal surgery
Effects of hydroxyethyl starch on hepatic production of cytokines and activation of transcription factors in lipopolysaccharide-administered rats
Effect of tidal volume and respiratory rate on the power of breathing calculation
Haemodynamic changes during positive-pressure ventilation in children
Score system for elective tracheotomy in major head and neck tumour surgery
Intermittent pneumatic foot compression can activate blood fibrinolysis without changes in blood coagulability and platelet activation
Plasma concentrations of meperidine and normeperidine following continuous intrathecal meperidine in patients with neuropathic cancer pain
Intentional lateral epidural catheter placement for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Efficacy of vertical infraclavicular plexus block vs. modified axillary plexus block
Posterior labat vs. lateral popliteal sciatic block
Effect of hypercapnia on arterial hypotension after induction of anaesthesia
A-line autoregression index monitoring to titrate inhalational anaesthesia
Comparison of a combination of midazolam and diazepam and midazolam alone as oral premedication on preanesthetic and emergence condition in children
Observations and warning signs prior to cardiac arrest. Should a medical emergency team intervene earlier?
Acute myocardial infarction and thyrotoxic storm – a difficult and dangerous combination
Thoracic epidural analgesia via the lumbar approach using nerve stimulation in a pediatric patient with Down syndrome
Acute respiratory failure after deep cervical plexus block for carotid endarterectomy as a result of bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis
Myoglobinemia and Propofol Infusion
Fatal pristinamycin-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis (Lyell's syndrome)
Epidural test dose
Pupillary signs in fat embolism syndrome
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