High PEEP in the perioperative management of the morbidly obese
The effects of PEEP upon subdural ICP and CPP during craniotomy
A comparative study between desflurane and sevoflurane in day-case varicose vein surgery using the laryngeal mask airway with spontaneous breathing
Is thoracic epidural analgesia superior to conventional postoperative pain management after coronary bypass surgery?
The effect of patient position during performance of CSE anaesthesia for C-section
Minor influence of endogenous nitric oxide on pulmonary perfusion distribution in prone sheep with PEEP ventilation
Nitric oxide regulates regional pulmonary perfusion
Aerosolized inhaled recombinant human activated protein C (APC) ameliorates endotoxin-induced lung injury (ELI)
Anti-inflammatory properties of activated protein C in vivo in humans
HES 130 shows less alteration of pharmacokinetics than HES 200 when dosed repeatedly
Prevalence of signs of critical conditions and emergency responses in hospital wards - the SOCCER study
Is risk adjustment for old age adequate in the APACHE II system?
Correlation between cortisol response in the short synacthen test and survival after admission to intensive care
Continuous EEG predicts neurological outcome after cardiac arrest and induced hypothermia
Observational study on the incidence of low central venous oxygen saturation in emergency admissions in a multidisciplinary ICU
Right-ventricular end-diastolic volume and ejection fraction in the assessment of fluid response in early septic shock
Effect of mechanical ventilation on inferior vena cava diameter in paediatric patients
A new kinetic approach for estimating extravascular retention (“Third spacing”) of crystalloid fluid during surgery and anaesthesia
C-reactive protein is an independent prognostic factor of outcome after subarachnoidal haemorrhage
Initial high levels of TAU in ventricular cerebrospinal fluid correlate to one-year outcome after severe traumatic brain injury
How is cerebral perfusion pressure measured in Scandinavia?
Oxygenation and cerebral perfusion pressure improved in the prone position
High quality resuscitation improves outcome in patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Prediction of evolution to encephalic death (ED) in spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage at admission to ICU
Organ donations in Iceland 1992-2002
The importance of magnetic resonance imaging in acute cerebellitis
Glutamate concentration in the brain is not altered by an iv glutamine infusion in head trauma patients
Operating theatre time utilization in neurosurgery
Craniotomy for cerebral aneurysm surgery. Intracerebral pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure related to hunt and hess grade
Halothane as background anesthesia in studies investigating the neuroregenerative potency of the brain after neuronal damage
The effect of low dose dexmedetomidine on internal carotid artery blood flow
Comparative study of the ICP-reducing effect of hyperventilation, 10 degree reverse Trendelenburg position, mannitol, indomethacin or drainage during craniotomy for supratentorial tumours
Subdural ICP during craniotomy in patients without space-occupying lesions
Spinal subdural pressure during surgery for spinal tumor and tethered cord
Comparative studies of immediate postoperative cerebral hyperaemia in patients subjected to either propofol/fentanyl or propofol/remifentanil anesthesia for supratentorial cerebral tumor
A comparative study of ICP and CPP in patients with cerebral tumours, anaesthetized with propofol/fentanyl of propofol/remifentanil
Cardiac output changes during onset of spinal anaesthesia in elderly patients
Is combined spinal epidural anaesthesia safe for Caesarean section?
Evaluation of a spinal catheter (28 G) anaesthesia technique in arterial bypass surgery of the lower extremities
Can changes in skin resistance be used to test the sympathetic block of a thoracic epidural block?
Decreased bleeding during radical prostatectomy using hypotensive epidural analgesia compared to normotensive general anaesthesia
Simultaneous bilateral infraclavicular blocks with reduced doses of lidocaine using ultrasound guidance (case report)
Suprascapular nerve block for postoperative pain control after arthroscopic shoulder surgery
The efficacy of “Periconal Anesthesia” in time consuming vitreoretinal operations
Outcome after cardiac arrest and induced hypothermia
The Northern Hypothermia Registry
Somatosensory and brain stem auditory evoked potentials in cardiac arrest patients treated with therapeutic hypothermia
Do patients with documented clinically abnormal observations prior to in-hospital cardiac arrest have a worse outcome than those without?
Teaching CPR to laypersons in 24 minutes using the MiniAnne® resuscitation-manikin
Methylene blue added to a hypertonic-hyperoncotic solution increases survival in experimental cardiac arrest
Concentration of N-terminal naturetic propeptyde type B in patients after cardiac arrest
Long-term subjective and objective impact of BIS monitoring on the conduction of relaxant sevoflurane-N2O anesthesia
EEG Spectral Entropy RE-SE-difference during induction phase and skin incision in propofol or sevoflurane anaesthesia
Wedging the Swan-Ganz catheter; risk of perforation and changes in left atrial and pulmonary artery pressure
Extravascular lung water after pneumonectomy
Trans-pharyngeal ultrasound guided internal jugular vein cannulation
Detection of breaths by photoplethysmography is independent of age and sex
Time relation between respiratory signals can be analysed by automated algorithms
Photoplethysmography for central and obstructive apnea detection
The difference between PaCO2 and ETCO2 in laparoscopy assisted vaginal hysterectomy -comparing the thin and obese woman
Persisting influence on respiratory and central circulatory variables after a single intravenous dose of CO2 in pigs
Blood transfusion management in critically ill patients
Optimising efficacy of preoperative autologous blood donation by adapting it to the physiological principles of erythropoiesis
Preoperative autologous deposit vs. perioperative blood salvage
‘Extreme’ acute normovolaemic haemodilution – better than nothing, even with a ‘normal’ minimal haematocrit level
Placenta percreta with bladder involvement and profound haemorrhage
Infusion of hypertonic saline before elective laparotomy. Effects on cytokines and hormones
Hypertonic saline infusion does not change neutrophil oxidative burst or expression of endothelial adhesion molecules after surgery
HES 130/0.42/6
Anaesthesia in very old emergency surgery patients
Perioperative cortisol secretion is related to postoperative cognitive dysfunction
Knowledge of and experience with difficult airway management among Danish nurse anaesthetists
Causes of case cancellations on day of surgery
An evaluation of cancellation in two independent surgery departments of the University Hospital LSH
The intraoperative use of a novel warm-air mattress for surgery in the lithotomy position
Efficiency of peroperative forced warm air depending on duration of surgery
Is discharge from ICU at night an adverse event?
Planning ICU-bed capacity with detailed mathematical models validated by actual data
Acute renal failure in the ICU
Prophylaxis of pressure sores in critically ill patients with the use of statistic gel-overlay mattresses
Parameters for propofol use in the adult intensive care unit
The photo-diary as an aid for relatives of patients dying in the ICU
Effect of enteral nutrition (EN) versus glucose-(GLU) or lipid-based (LIP) parenteral nutrition (PN) on tight glycaemic control
Amino acid and insulin infusion attenuates the hepatic glucose production after 3 days fast
Trauma patients in the ICU
Outcome and functional autonomy and quality of life of elderly patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Exercise testing indicates reduced ability to increase oxygen delivery on the first morning after coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG)
Non invasive echocardiographic assessment of right atrial pressure in anaesthetised and mechanically ventilated patients
Low-dose recombinant activated factor VII in non-hemophiliac cardiac-surgery patients
Effect of albumin, gelatin and hydroxyethyl starch on coagulation after on-pump cardiac surgery
Single transpulmonary thermodilution during anesthesia in off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting
Five years of community-based prehospital thrombolysis (PHT) of STEMI-patients in North norway
Incidence and cause of impaired consciousness among patients treated by a mobile emergency care unit in Denmark
Comparison of airway management with the Intubating Laryngeal Mask®, Laryngeal Tube® and Cobra® by paramedical students in anaesthetized patients
Helicopter transport of sick neonates
Emergency in-hospital anaesthesia assistance
Acute respiratory failure in adult ICU patients, is high frequency ventilation an option?
A prospective study of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in acute on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the ICU
Acute respiratory distress syndrome treated with an interventional lung assist device for CO2 removal; a case report
Physiological responses to positive expiratory pressure (PEP) breathing, a comparison between the PEP-bottle and the PEP-mask
Using a cytology brush dipped in adrenaline, enables a cytology sample to be obtained during bronchoscopy with minimal bleeding
Comparing surgical to percutaneous tracheostomy
Use of the PAx press™ supraglottic device facilitates percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy
Virtual laryngo-tracheoscopy in an experimental evaluation of simulated granulations and stenosis after tracheostomy in animals
Biomechanical experimental evaluation of percutaneous tracheostomy to compare Ciaglia and Griggs techniques
Rational airway control with high frequency jet ventilation for percutaneous tracheostomy in patients with short fat neck
Vasopressin has profound effects on the distribution of splanchnic blood flow in septic shock
Vasopressin decreases microcirculatory blood flow in the stomach and small intestine in septic shock
Treatment with rescueflow® (hypertonic saline/dextran) and/or endothelin receptor antagonist tezosentan of lps-indused endotoxin shock in anaesthetized pigs
The inflammatory response during hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia in a porcine endotoxemic model
Effect of 1.25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3 in experimental sepsis
Rosiglitazone, a ligand of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-g, attenuates pulmonary inflammation and NF-kb activation in endotoxic rats
Antimicrobial peptides based on human cathelicidin LL-37 as candidates for treating sepsis
Flowmotion of colon mucosal microcirculation during short-term administration of norepinephrine
Evaluation of microdialysis as a method to investigate inflammation 144
Sustained effects of repeated trauma team training with simulation arranged locally in hospitals
Marked improvement in Norwegian hospitals' trauma care during four years
Effect of prehospital advanced life support with rapid sequence intubation (RSI) on outcome of severe head injury
Clonidine and motion sickness in prehospital trauma care
Anaesthesiologist in 2 different field hospitals
Regional anaesthesia for high risk patients in difficult circumstances
Smoking prevalence and patients motivation to change behaviour in young trauma patients with minor trauma in an inner city emergency department
The effect of different doses of alfentanil on the intubation conditions during rapid sequence induction with thiopental and rocuronium
Pharmacology of intranasal midazolam
Remifentanil as a single agent for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy; comparison of infusion doses in terms of analgesic potency and side effects
Propofol uses the phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase to regulate actin reorganisation
Different effects of sevoflurane and isoflurane on neuronal actin cytoskeleton
Orexin A
Novel mutations in the butyrylcholinesterase gene
Patient-controlled analgesia
Quality of segmental epidural pain management by two different age groups after abdominal surgery. Survey by 966 patients in the Univerity Hospital Landspítalinn Reykjavik Iceland
Effects of epinephrine in patient controlled epidural analgesia after subtotal gastrectomy
Experience of pain control by regional block in advanced malignancy
Introduction of HFOV is more beneficial in adult patients with extrapulmonary form of acute respiratory distress syndrome
Studying the interaction between the mechanical properties of the respiratory system and artificial lung ventilation
Improvement in alveolar oxygen fraction by introduction of tracheal gas insufflation
A comparison of propofol-remifentanil and propofol-alfentanil infusion for posterior spinal fusion with wake-up test
Interaction between midazolam and morphine in spinally mediated analgesia in rats
Addition of verapamil and sufentanil to lidocaine for axillary plexus block prolongs the duration of anaesthesia
The intraocular pressure alterations in anesthetized patients under percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Blood pressor response and airway effects of cricoid pressure during induction of general anaesthesia
Perioperative course of patients with active infective endocarditis in Estonia in 1995-2004
The hemodynamic time course of landiolol hydrochloride, a ultra-short-acting β-blocker
Late alveolar haemorrhage in a patient recovering from leptospirosis
The effects of anesthetic preconditioning on neurologic injury and Bcl-2 family protein mRNA expression after transient spinal ischemia in the rat
Advantages of nalbuphine, compared with fentanyl and midazolamin extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy
Results of meningococcal invasive disease (MID) research project in the Czech Republic (CR)
Effect of ondancetron and granisetron on rocuronium-induced partial curarization in vitro
Comparison of skin blood flow between closed-circuit and semi-closed isoflurane anaesthesia
A potential of intrathecal implantation of bio-engineered chromaffin cells as analgesic source to treat chronic pain
Effect of ondancetron and granisetron on the dose-resonse curve of rocuronium in the rat hemidiaphragm preparation
Muscle protein turnover in muscle following an endotoxin challenge
New methods to measure the size of the extracellular fluid space
Myocardial dysfunction and metabolism in porcine endotoxic shock
Prevention and treatment of postoperative renal failure
Transpulmonal thermodilution
Partial CO2 rebreathing for cardiac output monitoring
Transpulmonary lithium dilution calibrated pulse wave analysis cardiac output
Haemodynamic monitoring in routine paediatric anaesthesia
The incidence of explicit recall after surgery
Monitoring depth of anaesthesia
Monitoring depth of anaesthesia: Bispectral Index, Entropy
Cost effectiveness and drug consumption
Monitoring depth of anaesthesia - pros and cons of different methods
Pharmacological prophylaxis and treatment of preoperative myocardial ischaemia
Management of cardiogenic shock
The Scandinavian Critical Care Trials Group
The Northern hypothermia network
Substance abuse
Herbal medicines and anaesthesia
From acute to chronic pain
Pharmacologic management of non-cancer chronic pain
Cognitive behavioural approach and rehabilitation
Conventional ventilator therapy in ARDS
Lung volume measurements during ventilator therapy
Adjunct therapies in severe ALI/ARDS - ECMO/ECLS
Preoperative assessment of the patient for aortic repair
Parental presence during the induction of anaesthesia in children
Intraoperative glucose infusions to babies and infants - solution or problem?
Paediatric epidural analgesia - where are we?
Practical Echocardiography I
Inhaled therapies in postoperative pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular failure
Practical echocardiography II
Ventricular assist device in the clinical practice
Is parenteral nutrition really that risky in the ICU?
Perioperative glycemic control and therapy
Perioperative adrenal function and therapy
Anaesthesia for hip and knee arthroplasties
Analgesia for hip prosthesis surgery with comments on the PROSPECT project
Strategies to reduce homologous blood transfusions in orthopaedic surgery
Critical illness neuropathy and myopathy and its impact on rehabilitation
Quality of life after intensive care
Implications of sedation, delirium, amnesia for PTSD
Combined physical and psychological rehabilitation after intensive care
Hemodynamic management of high risk patients
Cardiac safety of anaesthetics
Organ protective strategies
How volume kinetics works
Prehospital resuscitation and hypertonic fluids
Cost-effectiveness of epidural technique
Enhancement of epidural analgesia by adjuvants in local anaesthetic solutions
Epidural analgesia
Epidurals and thromboprophylaxis
EBM - Do we need to care?
Large randomised trials with factorial design will help clinicians
Who should decide on our continuous professional development?
How to maintain and evaluate competence?
Anesthesia for endovascular repair of cerebral aneurysms
Resource utilization after subarachnoid haemorrhage - endovascular or surgical treatment
The Laryngeal Mask Airway (LM™) - future developments
Airway management in pediatrics - recent developments
The role of fiberoptics in management of the anticipated difficult airway
Transtracheal catheterisation
An update on prevention and treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting
Postoperative pain management at home-current methods and future perspectives
What are the important determinants of outcome after anaesthesia for ambulatory surgery?
Guidelines in anaesthesia and intensive care
Why don't doctors use guidelines? How can we change their attitude?
Anaphylaxis, to be or not to be
Drug provocation in anaesthesia allergy
ICP and CPP management after severe head injury
The Lund treatment of severe brain trauma
Inotropes and vasopressors for hemodynamic support during septic shock
Vasopressin in septic shock
Manipulations with nitric oxide
Trauma team training
How to manage fluid therapy during cesarean section
Phenylephrine or ephedrine for maternal hypotension?
The pregnant patient with heart disease
Hypertension in 2005
Perioperative genomics
Friends or foes – are general anesthetic drugs linked to long-term toxicity?
Anesthesia for laser surgery of the upper aerodigestive tract
Mechanisms of general anesthesia – current state and perspective
Progress in the management of sepsis - the surviving sepsis campaign˙ How the management of sepsis has improved and will improve further
Effects of restricted intravenous fluid therapy in colorectal surgery
Update on chest trauma
Postoperative delirium in the elderly
What has changed in my ICU during the past 25 years?
Organizing academic medicine
Extravascular lung water and lung aeration after oleic acid in sheep
Artificial Blood, Current Perspectives