A qualitative systematic review of peri-operative dextromethorphan in post-operative pain
Early recovery, cognitive function and costs of a desflurane inhalational vs. a total intravenous anaesthesia regimen in long-term surgery
Postoperative outcome among elderly patients after general anesthesia
Supplemental 80% oxygen does not attenuate post-operative nausea and vomiting after breast surgery
Response Entropy™ is not more sensitive than State Entropy™ in distinguishing the use of esmolol instead of remifentanil in patients undergoing gynaecological laparoscopy
Comparison of airway management with the intubating laryngeal mask, laryngeal tube and CobraPLA® by paramedical students in anaesthetized patients
An interchangeable Mapleson A-E breathing system is practical and cost effective
The sensitivity and specificity of three common statistical rules for the classification of post-operative cognitive dysfunction following coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Significance of working conditions on burnout in anesthetists
Oxygenation within the first 120 h following coronary artery bypass grafting. Influence of systemic hypothermia (32 °C) or normothermia (36 °C) during the cardiopulmonary bypass
International Programme for Resource Use in Critical Care (IPOC) – a methodology and initial results of cost and provision in four European countries
Changes in respiratory mechanics and gas exchange during the acute respiratory distress syndrome
The effect of tracheostomy on outcome in intensive care unit patients
Myocardial glycerol release, arrhythmias and hemodynamic instability during regional ischemia-reperfusion in an open chest pig model
Effects of intravascular volume therapy using hydroxyethyl starch (130/0.4) on post-operative bleeding and transfusion requirements in children undergoing cardiac surgery
Transarterial block as an addition to a conventional catheter technique improves the axillary block
A case of suspected non-neurosurgical adult fatal propofol infusion syndrome
Angioedema from angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor treated with complement 1 (C1) inhibitor concentrate
‘Different concentrations’ are more than one
Pain and emergence agitation in children
Pain and emergence agitation in children
Myoglobinemia and propofol infusion
Myoglobinemia and propofol infusion
Jaw thrust maneuver
Validity and new malignant hyperthermia diagnostic procedures
Validity and new malignant hyperthermia diagnostic procedures
Erythropoietin and autologous blood pre-donation
Erythropoietin and autologous blood pre-donation
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