Cardiac surgery : with or without epidurals?
High thoracic epidural blockade increases myocardial oxygen availability in coronary surgery patients
Association of μ-opioid receptor gene polymorphism (A118G) with variations in morphine consumption for analgesia after total knee arthroplasty
Risk factors for failure to extend labor epidural analgesia to epidural anesthesia for Cesarean section*
Low-dose bupivacaine spinal anaesthesia for percutaneous nephrolithotomy : the suitability and impact of adding intrathecal fentanyl
Chronic post-thoracotomy pain : a retrospective study
The effect of gabapentin on post-operative pain following tonsillectomy in adults
Pre-operative coronary revascularization : an optimal therapy for high-risk vascular surgery patients?
Development of renal failure during the initial 24 h of intensive care unit stay correlates with hospital mortality in trauma patients
Positive end-expiratory pressure optimization using electric impedance tomography in morbidly obese patients during laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
Ammonium chloride and α-ketoglutaric acid increase glutamine availability in the early phase of induced acute metabolic acidosis
Progressive decrease in glucose clearance during surgery
Reduced fluid gain during cardiopulmonary bypass in piglets using a continuous infusion of a hyperosmolar/hyperoncotic solution
The effect of esmolol-induced controlled hypotension in combination with acute normovolemic hemodilution on cerebral oxygenation
Trendelenburg positioning does not prevent a decrease in cardiac output after induction of anaesthesia with propofol in children
Propofol acts at the sigma-1 receptor and inhibits pentazocine-induced c-Fos expression in the mouse posterior cingulate and retrosplenial cortices
Effect site concentrations of propofol producing hypnosis in children and adults : comparison using the bispectral index
The former preterm infant and risk of post-operative apnoea : recommendations for management
Dose-dependent hypotension from epinephrine, or lidocaine, or both?
Dose-dependent hypotension mainly results from epinephrine rather than lidocaine : lidocaine is only a pre-condition under some circumstances
Teaching airway management is dependent on the knowledge of the teachers
Teaching airway management is dependent on the knowledge of the teachers
The calcium sensitizer levosimendan improves carbon monoxide poisoning related stunned myocardium : a cardiac magnetic resonance study
Post-operative nausea and vomiting and blood-borne factors
Coagulopathy induced by colloid plasma expanders – search for an efficacious haemostatic intervention
Post-operative paradoxical vocal cord movement due to non-organic conversion disorder
Successful intubation of a reconstructed trachea using the Parker Flex-Tip tube™
Ketamine may be the first choice anesthetic agent for flap studies in rats
Management of centenarian hip fractures
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