Analgesic and antiemetic effect of ketorolac vs. betamethasone or dexamethasone after ambulatory surgery
Do patients profit from physostigmine in recovery from desflurane anaesthesia?
Propofol causes more hypotension than etomidate in patients with severe aortic stenosis
The effects of fresh gas flow on the amount of sevoflurane vaporized during 1 minimum alveolar concentration anaesthesia for day surgery
Epidural ropivacaine – where are the benefits? A prospective, randomized, double-blind trial in patients with retropubic prostatectomy
The post-operative analgesic effects of a combination of gabapentin and paracetamol in patients undergoing abdominal hysterectomy
Regional Anesthesia Surveillance System
Etoricoxib pre-medication combined with intra-operative subacromial block for pain after arthroscopic acromioplasty
The addition of tramadol to morphine via patient-controlled analgesia does not lead to better post-operative pain relief after total knee arthroplasty
Monitoring of peri-operative fluid administration by individualized goal-directed therapy
Myocardial metabolic monitoring with the microdialysis technique during and after open heart surgery
Current practice of hemodynamic monitoring and vasopressor and inotropic therapy in post-operative cardiac surgery patients in Germany
Lidocaine exerts its effect on induced bronchospasm by mitigating reflexes, rather than by attenuation of smooth muscle contraction
Induction of tumor necrosis-α, p38 and JNK in the spinal cord following acute heart injury in the rat model
Interprofessional education of medical students and paramedics in emergency medicine
Repeat percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy in an awake and unintubated patient
The impact of smoking on the peri-operative course and the effect of pre-operative smoking intervention
Monitored anaesthesia care for colonoscopies
Can continuous infusion be a better choice than patient-controlled sedation for colonoscopy during monitored anaesthesia care?
Serum osmolality in intensive care unit patients
Serum osmolality and outcome in intensive care unit patients
A new technique of holding the anesthesia face mask
Venting air from intravenous tubing
The interscalene block – plumb-bob technique revisited!
Lateral sciatic nerve examination and localization at the mid-femoral level
Intrathecal infusion therapy with dexmedetomidine-supplemented morphine in cancer pain
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