Memories of critical illness
Scandinavian Clinical Practice Guidelines on the diagnosis, management and follow-up of anaphylaxis during anaesthesia*
Stressful memories and psychological distress in adult mechanically ventilated intensive care patients – a 2-month follow-up study
The impact of long-term haemofiltration (continuous veno-venous haemofiltration) on cell-mediated immunity during endotoxaemia
Effect of age on pulmonary gas exchange during laparoscopy in the Trendelenburg lithotomy position
The NO donor SIN-1 improves intestinal–arterial Pco2 gap in experimental endotoxemia
Oscillation frequency of skin microvascular blood flow is associated with mortality in critically ill patients
Comparison of effects of propofol and midazolam at sedative concentrations on sympathetic tone generation in the isolated spinal cord of neonatal rats
Comparison of relaxation responses to multiple vasodilators in TxA2-analog and endothelin-1-precontracted pulmonary arteries
The risk of vertebral canal complications in 2837 cardiac surgery patients with thoracic epidurals*
Oral naproxen but not oral paracetamol reduces the need for rescue analgesic after adenoidectomy in children
The epidural space is deeper in elderly and obese patients in the Japanese population
Tramadol does not prolong the effect of ropivacaine 7.5 mg/ml for axillary brachial plexus block
Accuracy in identifying patients with loss of consciousness in a police-operated emergency call centre – first step in the chain of survival
Increasing compression depth during manikin CPR using a simple backboard
Propofol versus alfentanil to prevent movement responses during uterine curettage
Single bolus of intravenous ketamine for anesthetic induction decreases oculocardiac reflex in children undergoing strabismus surgery
Post-delivery postural headache
Early treatment with arteriovenous extracorporeal lung assist and high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in a case of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome
Misplaced and dislodged endotracheal tubes may be detected by the defibrillator during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Influence of plasma cholinesterase activity and phenotype on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of mivacurium
Interprofessional education
Interprofessional education
Intravenous indigo carmine might cause cerebral ischemia
What to do if the endotracheal tube will not pass through the nasal passage during fiberoptic nasotracheal intubation
Positive pressure ventilation with the LMA
Blocked arrow central line set
Transdermal methanol intoxication
Ultrasound examination of the sciatic nerve at two different locations in the lateral thigh
Intracardiac entrapment of a pulmonary artery catheter
Use of CobraPLUS™ for airway management in a child with tracheomalacia
Thoracic spinal anesthesia for gastrostomy in a patient with severe lung disease
Why high levels of positive end-expiratory pressure are required to maintain a stable end-expiratory lung volume in morbidly obese subjects
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