Pre-hospital airway management – time to provide the same standard of care as in the hospital
Clinical pharmacology of methadone for pain
Paediatric Rapid Response Systems
Pre-hospital airway management
Improved survival after an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest using new guidelines
Standard basic life support vs. continuous chest compressions only in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
A controlled comparison between single doses of intravenous and intramuscular morphine with respect to analgesic effects and patient safety
Antinociceptive efficacy of levetiracetam in a mice model for painful diabetic neuropathy
Morphine, opioids, and the feline pulmonary vascular bed
Prediction of post-operative pain after a laparoscopic tubal ligation procedure
Pre-operative carbohydrate loading may be used in type 2 diabetes patients
Cardiac surgery patients present considerable variation in pre-operative hemodynamic variables
Decreases in myocardial glucose and increases in pyruvate but not ischaemia are observed during porcine endotoxaemia
Effects of remifentanil on gastric tone
Lung injury following thoracic aortic occlusion
Intra-operative natural sound decreases salivary amylase activity of patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair under epidural anesthesia
Correlation between plasma milrinone concentration and renal function in patients with cardiac disease
Effect of mivazerol, a α2-agonist, on striatal norepinephrine concentration during transient forebrain ischemia in rats*
Fluoroscopic guidance of Arndt endobronchial blocker placement for single-lung ventilation in small children
Hypotension in anaesthetized patients during aneurysm clipping
Caffeine poisoning and lactate rise
Late-onset pulmonary edema due to propofol
Acute hypomagnesaemia causing intra-operative lower limb movements in a paraplegic patient, despite full neuromuscular blockade
Cerebral subarachnoid blood migration consecutive to a lumbar haematoma after spinal anaesthesia
Use of an endotoxin adsorber in the treatment of severe abdominal sepsis
What happens if you infuse 1 l of glycine 1.5%?
Uneventful anaesthesia does not exclude malignant hyperthermia
Reply to ‘Malignant hyperthermia must not be excluded due to uneventful previous anaesthesias’
An unusual complication
Antons syndrome in a patient with type-2 heparin-induced thrombocytopaenia (HIT)
Successful intubation in a patient with extreme lingual tonsil hypertrophy using an intubating laryngeal mask
Complications using a hollow fiber airway exchange catheter for tracheal tube exchange in critically ill patients
Use of an uncompressible pillow to achieve the sniffing position for intubation
The danger of oxygen therapy when pulmonary function is impaired
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