Improving the prediction of a neuromuscular block
Systemic inflammation in the brain-dead organ donor
Comparison between intubation and the laryngeal mask airway in moderately obese adults
Attenuation of a rocuronium-induced neuromuscular block in patients receiving prednisolone
Acceleromyography and mechanomyography for establishing potency of neuromuscular blocking agents
Day surgery in Finland
Wound infiltration with magnesium sulphate and ropivacaine mixture reduces postoperative tramadol requirements after radical prostatectomy
Intrathecal neostigmine with bupivacaine for infants undergoing lower abdominal and urogenital procedures
Sympathovagal effects of spinal anaesthesia with intrathecal or intravenous fentanyl assessed by heart rate variability
Continuous lumbar epidural infusion of levobupivacaine
Hypertrophied hearts
Single transpulmonary thermodilution and continuous monitoring of central venous oxygen saturation during off-pump coronary surgery
The early IL-6 and IL-10 response in trauma is correlated with injury severity and mortality
Increased arterial pressure is not predictive of haemodynamic instability in patients undergoing adrenalectomy for phaeochromocytoma
Dose-dependent effect of S(+) ketamine on post-ischemic endogenous neurogenesis in rats
Automated pre-ejection period variation indexed to tidal volume predicts fluid responsiveness after cardiac surgery
Pre-hospital use of ketamine in paediatric trauma
Nosocomial infections and infection control in regional anesthesia
Tracheostomy stomal ventilation is not tracheal ventilation
Tracheostomy stomal ventilation is not tracheal ventilation
Could quinacrine prevent ‘halothane hepatitis’?
The contaminated syringe
Remifentanil-induced bradycardia or oculocardiac reflex during strabismus surgery?
Xenon for induction of anaesthesia
A simple intervention to reduce the complication of prolonged percutaneous tracheostomy
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