Active cooling in traumatic brain-injured patients
Brain death and its implications for management of the potential organ donor
Improved outcome after trauma care in university-level intensive care units
The GlideScope Ranger® video laryngoscope can be useful in airway management of entrapped patients
Single vs. double stimulation during a lateral sagittal infraclavicular block
Interscalene block using ultrasound guidance
High or low current threshold for nerve stimulation for regional anaesthesia
Analgesia before a spinal block for femoral neck fracture
Caffeine does not attenuate experimentally induced ischemic pain in healthy subjects
Diagnosing acute lung injury in the critically ill
Electrical impedence tomography and heterogeneity of pulmonary perfusion and ventilation in porcine acute lung injury
Visualization of alveolar recruitment in a porcine model of unilateral lung lavage using 3He-MRI
Glutamine administration in patients undergoing cardiac surgery and the influence on blood glutathione levels
Relationship between stroke volume, cardiac output and filling of the heart during tilt
The effects of obstructive jaundice on the pharmacodynamics of propofol
Infusion requirements and reversibility of rocuronium at the corrugator supercilii and adductor pollicis muscles
Effect of P6 acustimulation on post-operative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Low-flow anaesthesia at a fixed flow rate
Sevoflurane and propofol depolarize mitochondria in rat and human cerebrocortical synaptosomes by different mechanisms
Life-threatening systemic toxicity and airway compromise from a common European adder bite to the tongue
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