Premedication with clonidine is superior to benzodiazepines. A meta analysis of published studies
Is nerve stimulation needed during an ultrasound-guided lateral sagittal infraclavicular block?
Procedural pain of an ultrasound-guided brachial plexus block
Femoral nerve block with ropivacaine or bupivacaine in day case anterior crucial ligament reconstruction
The learning process of the hydrolocalization technique performed during ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia
Electron microscopy evaluation of block needle-related trauma to the tibial nerve
Infusions of albumin increase free fraction of naproxen in healthy volunteers
Pharmacokinetics after an intravenous single dose of the opioid ketobemidone in children
Pain on injection from propofol may be avoided by changing its formulation
Predictive ability of propofol effect–site concentrations during fast and slow infusion rates
Titrated propofol induction vs. continuous infusion in children undergoing magnetic resonance imaging
Body positions and esophageal sphincter pressures in obese patients during anesthesia
Functional intravascular volume deficit in patients before surgery
Xenon and isoflurane improved biventricular function during right ventricular ischemia and reperfusion
Impact of the post-World War II generation on intensive care needs in Norway
Infusion of hypertonic saline/starch during cardiopulmonary bypass reduces fluid overload and may impact cardiac function
Intranasal cooling with or without intravenous cold fluids during and after cardiac arrest in pigs
Strong relationship between NT-proXNP levels and cardiac output following cardiac surgery in neonates and infants
Remifentanil post-conditioning attenuates cardiac ischemia–reperfusion injury via κ or δ opioid receptor activation
Anaesthesia for the obese patient with special emphasis on propofol, rocuronium and inspiratory oxygen fraction
A case of fatal caffeine poisoning
The potential dangers of caffeine in pregnancy
Dopamine and the post-cardiac surgery patients
Implementation of selective digestive decontamination in the intensive care unit
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